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Supplies List

Required Materials for History Class

For each academic class, students should always have an agenda planner to write down homework assignments, loose leaf paper and at least THREE writing utensils (pencils and/or pens).  It is easy to lose or break them, so please have extras on reserve, so that you don’t waste any class time.


These are the materials you will need specifically for history class:

  1. A history journal for journaling assignments and warm-ups. A composition book works best.
  2. A history binder, approximately one inch or larger is ideal, just for history work, to be brought to class daily.
  3. Three divider tabs for your history binder, labeled:
    1. Handouts/Notes
    2. Study Guides
    3. Quizzes/Tests
  4. Colored pencils for mapping, drawing, projects, and more
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue stick
  7. Index Cards to make flashcards for key vocabulary. Flashcards will help!
  8. Optional/Helpful: sticky notes, highlighter(s), handheld pencil sharpener


History Supplies Checklist (check off list)

­         1) Journal           

­         2) One inch binder

­         3) Three divider tabs (see above)

­         4) Colored pencils 


­         5) Scissors                                             

        6) Glue stick       

­         7) Index cards 

­          8) Helpful: sticky notes, highlighter, small pencil sharpener 


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