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Green Team » E-Waste Fundraiser Drive

E-Waste Fundraiser Drive

Since 2011-2012 school year, E-Waste Fundraiser Drives raised $3,200 total by diverting 46,000 lbs of toxic electronic waste from the landfill. Please see the reports below. 

Our next E-Waste Fundraiser Drive will be at LACES school parking lot from 9:30 to 1:30 in December 2013. 

Anything that has a plug or on/off switch is okay. A few ideas for what you can bring but not limited to are: Computers, TVs, VCR's, Cable Boxes, Printers, Scanners, Cell Phones, Hard Drives, LCD Monitors, Plasma TVs, DVR's Copiers, Game Stations, Monitors, LCD Televisions, DVD Players, Satellite Systems, Fax Machines, Batteries, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners, Power Supplies, Stereos, Laptops, blenders, Digital cameras.

Please tell your friends and neighbor this opportunity to support our school and unload their e-wastes. Attached is a flyer for download.  Please help divert more toxic waste from the landfill and raise more money for LACES!

May 9th 2013 E-Waste Summary

LACES E-waste event 5678 lbs $193.60

Jan 26th 2013 E-Waste Summary

LACES E-waste event 5430 lbs $328.21

Residential and Business Pickup 4120 lbs $309.79

Total 9550 lbs $638

June 16th 2012 E-Waste Summary

LACES E-waste event 7966 lbs $549.16

Residential and Business Pickup 1899 lbs $149.58

Total 9865 lbs $698.74

Feb 25th 2012 E-Waste Summary

Total 20,438 lbs $1764.75