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Car Line

Car Line is a parent volunteer valet process in front of LACES on 18th Street. A successful Car Line alleviates confusion in front of the school in the morning when students are dropped off. It also manages gridlock in the neighboring streets. Not only does Car Line ensure our children are safe, it grows the parent community. Please choose a few mornings to help out and then you are DONE for the year. It's an easy way to be helpful, kind and an opportunity to support LACES.

We need three parents per morning.

The schedule for the 2018-2019 school year is the following:

September - Class of 2019
October - Class of 2020
November - Class of 2021
December - Class of 2022
January - Class of 2023
February - Class of 2024
March - Class of 2025
April 2 - 5 - Class of 2019
April 8 - 12 - Class of 2020
April 22 - 26 - Class of 2021
April 29 - May 3 - Class of 2022
May 6 - 10 - Class of 2023
May 13 - 17 - Class of 2024
May 20 - 24 - Class of 2025
May 28 - April 6 - KPO, BPO, LPO

Please click on the Sign Up link below to choose your mornings…The good news, by the way, it's ONLY 35 minutes of your time.

Here is the scoop:
7:30 - Arrive in front of school ready to help. Cones will already be set up by Sule and his staff. Your bright orange vest can be found in the bright yellow wagon in front of school near the west side of the orange building.

There are three places that need supervision:
1. Front of School: Direct parents to pull up ALL the way AS FAR AS POSSIBLE (so traffic is not bottlenecking at Hi Point and 18th.)
2. Intersection of Hi Point and 18th: Assist students crossing the street here. Make sure they use the crosswalk.
3. Intersection of Point View and 18th: Assist students as they cross the street. Make sure they use the crosswalk.

8:05 - Remove your orange vest and return to the wagon. Help collect the're finished!
35 minutes of your time WELL SPENT volunteering at LACES and ensuring the safety of our amazing students.

Any questions about Car Line can be directed to Marieke Boorman