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Mr. Frank Palacio » Introduction Letter

Introduction Letter

Dear Parents or Guardian:
My name is Mr. Palacio and I would like to welcome your son or daughter to my class. The subjects I  teach are English 6th and 8th grades and Speech.  I am looking forward to an exciting school year filled with learning by sharing and working in groups and doing interesting projects.
I have been teaching for over ten  years and I am still learning new ways to become an even more effective teacher.  I have continued my own education well beyond the bachelor’s degree and possess a California Teacher’s Credential, Bilingual Fluency in Spanish and CLAD certificates.  I currently have a masters degree in Education and Curriculum and have recently authored a book entitled, Middle Schoolin': 50 Stories about the Challenges, Humor and Rewards of Teaching. 
I would like to assure you of the following:  I will treat your youngster fairly and with respect, I am a patient and considerate person and, I am a hard worker and dedicated professional, who is very interested your youngster’s education.
Grading Policy:
Your student will receive homework almost everyday and quizzes weekly.  In addition, seatwork, participation and attention in class are also important components of the semester grade. Late work will result in reduction of a letter grade i.e., from an A to a B.
Classroom expectations:
Students should have a single subject notebook to keep all their notes together for my subject. Students should have their notebook and pens with them every day.  Students are expected to be on time and ready to work every day.  It is suggested that they get a good night’s rest.  Homework should be completed neatly and legibly Students should read for at least half an hour daily in the presence of an adult, and may submit a 2-paragraph summary for extra credit.  It is strongly recommended that your child join the school library or your local public library.
Classroom rules:
Be respectful to each other.
Raise your hand to speak.
Food or drink are not allowed.
Pay attention and listen.
Teasing, playing or fighting are not allowed.
First offense = verbal warning
Second offense =  seat change
Continuous misbehavior = phone call home or a conference with the parent.
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