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10th Grade College Planning


Tenth grade is a time to perform well in your classes, explore interests, participate in opportunities and volunteer efforts. 
Get Involved - ParityExtracurricular activities can help you develop time-management skills and enrich your high school experience. Students are encouraged to take the career interest inventories on Naviance to discover and learn more about potential career interests.
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While it is important to have a strong academic profile for college, how a student spends their time outside the classroom is highly considered for admissions and a way for students to distinguish theirselves while demonstrating their interests, talents, skills, and future goals. Join a club, start a club, play sports, a musical instrument, volunteer somewhere, get a job, attend a summer program, the options are limitless...  Whichever activity or activities you pursue, consider your role and impact. Quality vs. quantity as colleges want to see consistency and commitment. It's not the length of the resume--it's the quality of your commitment(s) that counts most. Build your profile. Get involved, Stay involved, Be involved!
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NAVIANCE:  Use Naviance to tour campuses.  Find the "COLLEGE" tab at the top of the homepage; then, begin searching for colleges.  Each school's website, admissions requirements, majors, school size and tuition are provided for you.  Go to "COLLEGE SUPERMATCH" to generate a list of colleges that suite your interest.  
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BigFuture: Plan for College. Pay for College. Explore Careers.
It's not too early to schedule College visits or attend College Fairs.
Early research is important. There are various college fairs locally or available online. Take advantage of vacation or other family travel opportunities to visit collegeCollege and Career Center / College & Professional Organization Visitss. If you are unable to travel, visit a few school websites and take their college tours. College virtual info sessions are also a good way to learn more about colleges and they typically take place all throughout the year.  The college website is a great resource to look into special programs that each school offers.  Even if there is not interest in attending the college you are visiting, it will help you learn what to look for in making a choice about any campus.  You should know WHY you want to attend any college.  It's a big investment!
Take the PSPSAT AT/NMSQT on Oct. 17th, 2023.  It provides valuable feedback on your college readiness and a free, personalized plan to help you start getting ready for the SAT (if you choose to take the test) - and for college. Although the PSAT test is usually given in the 11th grade at schools, LACES offers it for 10th graders because it provides valuable feedback through the Student Score Report. You can prepare and work on the areas of growth to prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT in October of Junior year and SAT exam.
Are you interested in attending a U.S. military academy? If so, you should request a pre-candidate questionnaire.
Along with your familyThe need for increased resources for students navigating financial aid  systems - The Tufts Daily, do some research about how to obtain financial aid. Many students use financial aid to cover college costs. Find out what financial aid is, where it comes from, and how you can apply for it. Check out the Financial Aid page on LACES College Center website. We have fairs planned in the Fall and Spring! There are also plenty of fairs around the region and online!