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Advanced Placement (AP) and Exams

Interested in taking AP classes next school year? Take a look at course descriptions to determine if you truly have a passion for a particular AP class
Teachers will hold a meeting during lunch for the following subjects: 
AP Art History: Room 172; Date to be determined.
AP Human Geography; Date to be determined
AP Japanese 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; Date to be determined
AP Studio Art 3D, 2D, and Drawing: Room 172; Date to be determined
The syllabi for the following AP classes are attached below:
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science
AP English Language
AP English Literature
AP Macro Economics
AP Micro Economics
AP Statistics
AP US Government and Politics
AP US History
NOTE: Please be aware that syllabus may be subject to change.

**********MANDATORY MEETING**********
All AP students need to attend ONLY ONE Pre-Administration session on April (Dates TBD.) 
All sessions will be held during lunch in the library.  Students need only attend one session.

LACES Students and Parents
Congratulations!  As an AP student, you are taking part in the most widely accepted college-level academic program available to high school students.  Your hard work is helping you prepare for the AP exams, and it will ultimately build your confidence to succeed in rigorous courses in college.
The 2012-2013 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents contains information about AP Exams and test security and test administration policies and procedures designed to provide all students with a fair and uniform testing experience.  On exam day, you will be asked to indicate that you understand and agree to the policies and procedures that appear here. (NOTE: The Bulletin for AP Students and Parents is given to students when the registration form and payment is turned in.  A receipt will be attached to this bulletin as proof of payment.)
Parents and Guardians
Ap provides students with an opportunity for learning that goes beyond just facts and figures.  The rich course material, classroom discussions and demanding assgnments typical of AP courses will help your child develop the knkowledge and critical thinking skills expected of college students.  What's more, by participating in AP, your child has the opportunity to earn college credit and to stand out in the college admission process.
How you can support your child this year:
  • Designate specific areas in your home for schoolwork and studying
  • Remind your child to prioritize classes, activities and work commitments
  • Recommend that your child form a study group
  • Review high school graduation requirements with your child.
We encourage you to review this bulletin's contents and take special note of important dates and other information related to the exam administration.  As the parent or guardian of an AP student, you can take pride in the fact that your child is participating in a challenging academic program.  Thank you for all the support and encouragement you provide.
Learn More About AP Courses and Exams
Visit for detailed information about each of the 34 AP courses and exams.  You'll find course and exam descriptions, sample free-response questions and scoring guidelines, study skills and test-taking tips, and more.
Students with Disabilities
Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on AP Exams.  However, in order to take an AP Exam with accommodations, a student must be approved for accommodations by the College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.  Providing accommodations to students without College Board approval will result in cancellation of these students' scores.
Having an IEP or 504 Plan does not automatically constitute authorization for testing accommodations; students must be approved by the College Board.  Note that the approved testing accommodations may not necessarily be the same as those requested.  Parents, it is strongly advised that you contact Mr. Solomon, SSD Coordinator at LACES, to submit a request for accommodations for your child at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  The deadline for Mr. Solomon/LACES to submit a request is FEBRUARY 1ST; this review may take upto 7 weeks for consideration or approval.  Submitting this request DOES NOTguarantee accommodations.  For more information visit
See the AP Coordinator for AP Registration Forms.  You can stop by the College Center or call  (323) 549-5913.