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What Is the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)?
The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP students have the potential and demonstrated motivation to perform satisfactorily at a CSU, but they have not been able to realize their potential because of their economic or educational background. The program provides admission and academic assistance to EOP-eligible undergraduate students. In many cases, the program offers financial assistance to eligible students. Campuses tailor their programs to accommodate the needs of their student population.
Each CSU campus except California Maritime Academy has an EOP for low-income undergraduate students who are California residents and are disadvantaged because of their economic and educational backgrounds. Students with a history of low income who need academic and financial assistance may apply for the program. EOP accepts students who do not meet regular admission criteria, as well as those who qualify for regular admission. Be sure to indicate on the undergraduate application for admission if you are applying through EOP.
Please note: The criteria for acceptance to the EOP program at the CSU are more restrictive than those of the EOP&S program at California Community Colleges. Therefore, you may not be accepted to an EOP program at the CSU even though you may be an EOP&S student at a California Community College.
More information about the EOP program is available in the EOP Information and Application Forms or online at
Apply to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) online now!
Each CSU has a deadline to submit EOP application.  Make sure to submit before their deadline.