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CollegeBoard AP Central
Examine all the sections of AP exam from previous test.
ipod dictionary
Scroll it down to "See it in action" and click to see the demo.
Japanese in Anime and Manga
Character expressions-learn how different Japanese is spoken depending on age, gender and role. Play kanji games and get prizes!
Kanji dictionary
Kanji stroke order, definitions
Kanji learning
Kanji stroke order
Katakana Practice
Lots of flashcards and audiio for learning Katakata and Hiragana
Kids Web
Listening practice
Online flash cards and quiz
Online News-Yomiuri
Play activities for your vocabulary words and kanji characters. Take quizzes.
Reading Tutor
Cut and paste a word or document to translate.
Typing Practice
This website shows you how to set up your computer to type in Japanese.
You can use your original keyboard typing in Romaji to get Japanese characters.
Start practicing!