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Congratulations to our Unicorn Robotics Team

Dear LACES Unicorn Robotics team members, parents and supporter,


Our 2016-17 FTC competition season has come to a conclusion. As a coach, I am writing to congratulate the team for an extraordinarily successful season and to express the team’s gratitude to supporters. 


As a rookie team, we did very well in the League, Inter-League, and regional championship competitions. We are part of the finalist alliance in the Inter-League (see attached photos Jefferson’s mom took). We are one of the only five rookie teams (among the total of fifty teams) that advanced to the LA/SoCal Regional Championship. In the Regional Championship last Sunday, we are part of the semifinalist alliance in the Orange Division (one of the two divisions). These achievements position us to the top 17% of all teams in the LA/SoCal region. That’s absolutely remarkable. Congratulations! 


As first timers, we had to work hard to get all the essential supports. We are fortunate to have Mr. Sher sponsoring the team and serving as the other coach in his first year teaching at LACES. He stayed after school twice a week for the team. When LACES hosted one of the League competition, he came to school at 6AM. Thank you Mr. Sher for your dedication! We also appreciate the support from LACES leadership, Mr. Boger and Dr. Llamas.


It is not cheap to run a FTC robotics team. I’d like to thank Friends of LACES for providing the crucial $2,000. The leaderships of FOL often had to place urgent orders for the teams, sometimes during a vacation trip. Thank you, Maggie, Paulette and Antoinette! We also obtained a total of $1,750 grants from FTC and Rockwell Collins. These supports left slightly less than $2,000 that I happily covered. With a lot of materials in hands, future years will be cheaper.


The next FTC competition season will start in late August. Enjoy the break. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to prepare yourself by learning how to perform computer-aided design and programming.




Feng Guo


Associate Professor in Biological Chemistry

Director of the Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology home area

UCLA School of Medicine

202 Boyer Hall