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Gifted Program

Our Gifted program follows the policies and procedures of LAUSD's GATE Program.  The goal is to identify gifted and talented students, including those from diverse racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. It provides high-quality, differentiated opportunities for learning, that meet students' particular abilities and talents beyond those normally provided by the regular school program, in order to realize their ability to contribute to self and society.



LAUSD Board of Education has adopted a plan for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), which includes District policies and procedures for identifying gifted learners in seven categories: Intellectual Ability, High Achievement, Specific Academic Ability, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Ability, and Leadership Ability. The District’s policies and procedures for gifted/talented identification are in accordance with California State requirements and the District’s agreement with the Office for Civil Rights. For more information click here.


Program Options

Programs are offered to students who require an environment which encourages extremely high levels of abstract thinking, motivation, interest, achievement, peer interaction, and a radically accelerated pace of learning. Acceptance is based on eligibility criteria, availability of space, and any specific conditions unique to the school. The following lists the program opportunities: Resident School GATE Program, Schools for Advanced Studies, Magnet Programs, Honors and Advanced Placement classes, and the Conservatory of Fine Arts.


At LACES, we provide a School GATE Program where students can take advantage of accelerated pathways in Math, honor classes, and Advanced Placement college-level courses. We also offer concurrent enrollment in college courses, an opportunity to become multilingual upon high school graduation, and college preparation instruction that exceeds local and state norms.


For more information, contact Oliver Rivas at [email protected]