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Course Offerings

These course offerings represent the program of study that LACES Magnet School believes is appropriate and stimulating. They provide the intellectually rigorous course work students need as part of an integrated, well-rounded, college preparatory education offered at a center for enriched studies magnet.
LACES’s academic program provides a balance between core courses required of all, and an elective program that recognizes the diversity of talents and interests found in our student body. Recognizing this balance and working with its many possibilities, are the primary tasks for students and parents with their grade level counselors.
All graduation requirements of LAUSD and entrance requirements of colleges and universities should be carefully reviewed as next year’s program of studies is planned. Working with the information contained on this site, each student should plan a program of studies for the next academic year in consultation with parents, teachers, administrators and counselors.
Students should make appropriate and realistic course requests. It is always prudent to select course alternatives in case first choices are not possible. It is important to remember that the school reserves the right to cancel courses or limit sections according to enrollment projections and/or teacher availability.