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Attendance During Distance Learning:


Attendance taking this year is a multi-step process. Teachers are taking attendance first from Zoom calls, and then are able to correct any attendance based off work completed in Schoology that day for their class, or through contact with a parent or student if there is a technology issue.


Parents can keep track of their child’s attendance through the LAUSD Parent Portal. Please log in to Parent Portal at , from a computer. This works best from a web browser. Once logged in, click on the student account you would like to access by clicking on their name. Click on Attendance (red icon). Then click on “Click here for attendance details.” You will see a calendar. Any day your child has been marked absent will be red and tardy will be marked yellow. If you hover over the date of the absence/tardy with your mouse, the periods and reason codes for the absence/tardy will appear. If there is an error, please contact the teacher first and they can correct attendance.


If your child is absent from class for any valid reason such as illness, doctors appointment, etc.. Please email Ms. Harris in the attendance office to clear their attendance. Her email is


 If you receive an automated message about attendance and it seems to be an error, please check to Parent Portal for the most correct attendance data.


You are also welcome to call the LACES main office or email me ( if you have attendance issues. I know the phone lines are busy, but we will get to you as soon as possible. There are only one or two people answering all the phone calls for the whole school.


Everything will be OK, attendance can always be corrected J


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