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Attendance Office

Attendance Office Procedures:

Bring all notes to clear absences to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning when your child returns to school.

5 or more days of absence - You must send your child to school with a doctor's note.

You will receive an automated phone call whenever your child is tardy or absent from class - even if you are already aware that he/she is out of class (ie, sports).

Homework requests are taken by your child's counselor.

You do not need to call in the morning to tell us that your child will be absent. Send a note with them when they return to clear the absence.

If your child is leaving school early (ie, doctor's appointment), have them bring a note to the Attendance Office in the morning. They wll then receive a blue slip and this will prevent us from having to interrupt class in order to summon your child.

* LAUSD Attendance Truancy Policy Update
LAUSD has started notifying families with automated Mandated Truancy Letters when students have 3 or more absences (truancy, unexused, and/or no note). The district will be sending letters each month unless student absences are cleared with the Attendance Office. Please send a note with your child whenever he/she is absent from school.

Attendance Office Phone #'s: