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Spring Gala

Did you know the Spring Gala is our second biggest fundraiser benefiting LACES?


It is fun and great evening and we love you to come and or help support the Gala.


Here’s what you need to know.  


What is the Gala?

It is a fun party that is also a fundraiser for FOL and it is held at the beautiful Covel Hall on UCLA's campus.  For many parents this is one of the few events they can attend since it is on a Saturday night, is a no pressure, adult only evening that provides ample opportunities to meet other LACES people.  


When is it?

It is Saturday April 21, doors open at 6pm


What does my ticket cost and what does it include?

You get entrance, a sit down dinner and a complimentary glass of wine. Bar tickets will be sold  both through Bidding for Good and at the event.   The tickets cost $80 each but after April 1 they go up to  $100 each.   Either way, it's a great deal for dinner, wine, dancing and the chance to win some awesome swag.


Where do I buy my ticket?

You buy your tickets through the website Bidding For Good.


We have not really met other families so where will we sit?

The Gala team makes every effort to put people at tables with their grade.     You may also consider putting your own table of 10 together (which will result in a slight discount for each table member).    Do a shout-out on FB or Schoology, you will probably get a table of 10 super quick.  


What is the deal with auction items?

There will be tons of fantastic items laid  out for guests to bid on.  There will also be live auctions for trips, art and exceptional dinners (plus more).  Some of these items will also be available for bidding on line prior to the Gala;  all items will be available throughout the evening,  right up until we close the auction that night.


Where do these auction items come from?

You and the rest of our parents!    We ask parents to reach out to their favorite restaurant, spa, hotel, pet store, market,  sibling who has a business, best friend who has a vacation house, colleague who offers a great service ---we ask if they will please donate to our silent auction.    You will be surprised how many businesses say yes (in fact, many businesses have set aside a portion of their inventory to donate to 501(c)3 schools like ours!).    


I’ve never asked a business for an auction before, I’m scared.

First of all don’t be afraid.  This is Los Angeles.  We are the second largest city in the country—businesses are asked every day for donations.  They are used to your requests and they are used to giving ... and everyone is usually very polite.  Also, you can go online and make a request.    For example Sprinkles Cupcakes only accepts online applications.   Yes, we already hit them up this year.  But take a look online and see what you can find!  You will be pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to make someone's day by  giving them the chance to give to their community.  


They will want a letter with our non profit tax it.  If you need a copy of the auction letter and form you will find it on schoology or LACES website HERE

Or you can email Tracy who can send to you.  . Tracy will also answer any questions about how donations work.  


How else can I support the Gala?   I hear Booze is the answer!

Yes, we really need parents to help with spirits for our Gala Bar.   The more booze that is donated then the less the Gala Committee has to purchase for the event.  We are looking for it all---Wines, Vodka, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila…


You can go to our sign up genius and let us know what you can donate. Then drop it off in the Attendance Office at school with a note “For Amy Miller” and they will lock it up.  Or you can take it to one of our Gala Meetings and hand it over to Amy.


Can we count on you for a bottle of something?   Swing by a market and grab something.  

Take a look at our list and sign up.


I’m sorry I have a conflict on Saturday April 21 what can I do to support the Gala?

You can get auction items.

You can also help us with the booze.

You can buy a ticket for your favorite teacher.


What is Gala Goal this year?

$70,000!  And we can do it with your help!