Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence!  September 1977 - 2017
Mission Statement

 “In Pursuit of Excellence”


Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

provides a challenging environment

where all students pursue academic excellence

leading to productive lives

in a changing world.


Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

 reflects the diversity of Los Angeles

with its students coming from

many socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

 provides a challenging curriculum

in a humanistic school environment

offering close and personal involvement

among teachers, students and parents. 

Courses develop

academic abilities, artistic talents, and athletic skills.

Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

We strive to have our students:

  • Learn to solve problems critically and creatively
  • Act ethically, respectfully, and responsibly
  • Communicate effectively/precisely/succinctly
  • Embrace/encourage individuality and diversity
  • Support family, school, and community
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