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1. If a teacher or other staff member determines that a student is not following the school's dress code, the student is to be sent to the attendance office.

2. If office staff concurs that the student is in violation of the dress code then the student will have the choice of changing into a T-shirt (or other clothes) provided by the attendance office or changing into the student's PE clothes.

3. If the student refuses to comply, the student's parent will be called immediately and asked to support the Dress for Success School Policy that was agreed upon by the LACES community.

4. If the parent cannot be reached the student will be assigned to the main office during nutrition and lunch until the parent can be reached. The student will attend classes until the parent can be reached unless the Principal believes the attire is too disruptive to the educational program.

5. The parent does have a right to sign an affidavit of Non-Participation in LACES Community Standards. If this is the case, then the Principal will decide whether or not the student can participate in the instructional program for the remainder of the day.


Hats or caps may not be worn in classrooms, offices, cafeteria or the Auditorium.

Wave caps of any kind may not be worn on campus or at school events.

Drug, sexual, offensive language, or negative racial/ethnic designs on clothing are inappropriate and not to be worn at school or to a school event.

Underwear, including boxers and bras must be covered. No extra-large or sagging pants.

Midriff must be covered.

Pants/shorts/skirts/dresses must be worn above hipline and must be long enough so that skin is not exposed above the horizontal gluteal crease.

Footwear must be worn at all times.

Consequences: A student must wear his/her PE clothes or a T-shirt provided by school staff. Repeat offenders may receive an after-school detention and/or further disciplinary action.