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HS Sports Participation Forms

High school students who want to play for any of the school's sports teams MUST complete this set of forms EVERY academic year.  Students many NOT PRACTICE OR TRYOUT until the entire packet has been competed.  One of the forms requires an exam by a physician.  If your child has had a recent exam (within the last 6 months) you do not need to repeat the exam but you will still need your doctor to complete the form. If your child has not been seen in the last six months, you MUST have him/her seen by a physician.  Once a physical is on file, a student is cleared for ONE FULL YEAR after the exam date. 

Completed packets are to be returned to Mr. Shows and must be returned as a set.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please make sure that you also have turned in an Emergency Card as that is also needed for athlete clearance.

The below file entitled "Athletic Packet" contains all of the forms necessary to be cleared for athletic competition.  Each individual form is also included to replace a lost copy.

If you are unable to complete your physical due to lack of health insurance, please contact UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (link below) or contact Champs @ 1-866-742-2273

Any students that are found participating in athletic competition w/o a physical may be subject to disciplinary action and loss of eligibility in addition to CIF sanctions for the team/school. 

NOTE:  There are two new forms that are now required for athletic clearance: Liability Advisory and  Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  If you have an older athletic packet please download the  SCA_PARENT_REVIEW_FORM.pdf and OUT OF SEASON ADVISORY-STUDENT.doc

Attached Files

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