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Important Notice Regarding Meal Applications

Dear LACES parents,

Please be advised on the following regarding meal applications:

*All LACES families should submit only one application per household per year regardless of whether you think you qualify or not.

*These are possible reasons why you might submit a second application. If your family circumstances change in any way, such as: number of family member increases, loss/change of income due to any reason (death or absence of a family member that contributed to household income). Please be mindful that by submitting a second application you are flagging yourself and it is very likely that you may be asked to submit income verification.

*Before submitting your application, make sure that you verify that all information is correct, that you have included all household members, and that the application is complete.

*Even if you are sure you do not qualify and checked off the box stating you do not want to apply for meal benefits, it is important to submit an application as this allows the school to
know your response and we will not contact you to remind to submit an application. It also gives us a definite number of what percentage of families actually qualify for TITLE I benefits.

*If you submitted an application and did not receive a response as to your qualifying status, please call the school’s cafeteria, the parent center (323)549-5965 or the district at (213)241-3185 before submitting a second application.

*L.A.C.E.S. needs to reach a certain percentage of qualifying TITLE I students to remain eligible for Title I Funds by a deadline. This is extremely important for our student body since the funds are used at the discretion of the principal to buy positions and pay for programs

*Individual student benefits include: free or reduce meals, test fee waivers for the (PSAT for juniors), SAT and ACT, and up to twelve college application waivers (4 Cal State, 4 UC and 4 Private), and the fee of each AP exam is substantially reduced to 5 dollars.

L.A.C.E.S. appreciates your timely response to this matter. Please be mindful that it takes about ten days for an application to be processed and we are trying to meet a deadline to remain eligible for Title I Funds.
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