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LACES Counseling Services

Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies
Counseling Services
1. Oliver Rivas – Counseling Administrator
    Che Grant - Grade 6
    Liliana Reyes - Grades  9th and 10th
    Denise Baldonado- Grades 8th and 9th
    Nicole Saulet- Grades  7th and 12th
Counseling services available to parents, students, and staff
1. Parent conferences (may include parent, student, teacher, and counselor in any combination regarding):
     A. Placement in required Math and English classes
     B. Behavior problems – both inside and outside of class
     C. Scheduling requests and problems
     D. Grades and progress reports
     E. General school adjustment
     F. Requests for information (e.g. test results, school program, etc.)
2. Student conferences
     A. All students - grades 6-12
       1. Teacher referrals for classroom behavior
       2. Attendance and tardy problems
       3. Self-referrals for problems or information
       4. Program adjustments
       5. Grades and progress reports
       6. Dissemination of information regarding required and elective courses (course descriptions and         
             requirements at each level)
       7. Career information
     B. Students - grades 9-12
       1. Individual conferences regarding program planning to meet graduation requirements as well as college 
       2. College/Scholarship advisement
       3. College Representative meetings
       4. Career advisement
3. Services to the Staff
     A. Counseling students referred for behavior, attendance, poor achievement, etc.
     B. Arrange parent conferences as needed to solve problems indicated in (A) above
     C. Work with departments to assure proper placement of students in required classes
     D. Conferences with teachers regarding individual students toward resolution of any problems
     E. Equalization of class load
     F. Consultation regarding course offerings and curriculum development
4. Testing program
     A. Administration of competency tests as mandated by the state and district
     B. Diagnostic Testing (Reading, Writing, and Math)
       1. Upon entrance to LACES for placement purposes
       2. Progression to the next level in Math and English
     C. Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude (PSAT) – Grades 7-11
       1. Practice test for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) required for college entrance
       2. Possible qualification for National Merit Scholarship competition – Grade 11 only
     D. Information and applications for:
       1. Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) for college entrance
       2. American College Testing Program (ACT) for college entrance