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Ms. Kim's Page

안녕하세요? (AnNyeongHaSeYo?)
ANNOUNCEMENT: Last updated August 20, 2018
The following is my schedule for 2018-19 School Year: 
P-1: Korean 1 (H.S.) 
P-2: Korean 2 (H.S.) 
P-3: Conference 
P-4: Korean 3 (H.S.) 
P-5: Intro. Korean (M.S.) 
P-6: Korean 4 & Korean 5 (H.S.) 
P-7: Folk Art (M.S.) 
Tutoring session is every Wednesday after school from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. 
Useful Websites to learn about Korea:
Korean Dictionary:
Smart Phone App: "Daum dic" (dictionary)
Quizlet (Korean vocabulary):
Class Expectations:
The following will result in your participation points every time:
*** Come to class prepared with materials
*** Cover textbooks
*** DO NOT miss class lectures
Within every 5-week grading period:
“U” in cooperation = 3 classroom violations or using a pass more than 3 times
“U” in work habit = missing more than 25% of your work
Homework and Make-up Policy:
Homework must be turned in on time in class. No late homework will be accepted. Any missed assignment, such as classwork, quiz, test, and homework due to absences, must be made up within one week from your return date. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher for makeup quizzes and tests. Points missed for class participation and group activities cannot be made up.