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Welcome Alumni!

Welcome to the LACES Alumni Page!


Did you attend at least one year at Wilshire Temple, Hamilton High School, Pico & Arlington, or the current 18th Street campus?

Do you refer to the school as CES, CES-LA, or LACES?

Do you remember bowling or roller-skating at World on Wheels on Friday’s, or singing along to  “We are the Unicorns proud & true, we are the Unicorns bold!!!"

And of course the many great educators like our founding Principle Mr. Peha, Mrs. Collins, Mr. Faucett, Mrs. Rader or Mr. Rutschman, who contributed and endeavored to create a very special kind of school!

If you do, YOU were and still are a Unicorn. Once a Unicorn, always a Unicorn!

You are welcomed & encouraged to register on this site.

We celebrated our 40th year last fall and although the school has changed and grown in those 40 years, there’s one thing that connects all of the alumni and current students – LACES was and is a special place.

The Alumni Committee goal is to have all alumni (attended at lease one year at the school) registered on this site so that alumni can stay connected to the school and be a resource to current and future students. 


There are many ways to be a resource.  The College/Career Center is always looking for mentors, informational interviews from an industry, guest speakers, and internships. LACES would also like information to pass onto students about scholarships your graduating class, organization or company may be offering.


For those that are interested in giving back financially, LACES ALWAYS has a needs/wants list.  There are nearly 100 student run clubs, Friends of LACES parent organization, drama, music art and film classes, as well as sports teams that would love your involvement or support.  


We are working on setting up a special donation link here just for alumni, but in the meantime you can contact the Main Office at (323) 549-5915 for more information on how to donate to LACES, or use the Friends of LACES link to make a one time or recurring donation.  LACES relies heavily on fundraising to provide the enriched experience that is unique to our school.  Friends of LACES is our non-profit, parent-run fundraising group that works tirelessly to help support our students and staff and to fill in the gaps where funding falls short of the needs every year.


Staying connected is one of the building blocks of a great alumni network, engaging all alumni for life!

We hope you choose to connect with us.


Go Unicorns!!