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School Library Mission : Information Literacy

What do Teacher Librarians do? Teacher Librarians specialize in teaching Information Literacy

Information literacy: What is it?

Knowing how to access, evaluate, integrate and use information from multiple print and digital sources. Information literate students are able to work with resource materials in a variety of formats and technologies, both print and digital. Information Literacy is required for college success. Students must have A E I O U:

ACCESS the myriad print and digital information sources and technologies students need to master to be college ready per the California Technology Plan and California Model School Library Standards. Access is most equitably achieved in school libraries, which are open to all students.
EVALUATE information sources for authenticity, cyber safety and applicability to the information need or problem at hand, for either academic purposes or life long learning and decision-making.
INTEGRATE digital and print information with school curriculum. Students master information literacy research skills in well stocked & staffed libraries in tandem with academic research projects in all subjects, not just English, and not in isolation. Teacher Librarians teach print and digital information literacy research and cyber safety skills using the subject specific curriculum as a platform while students use the library resources.
ORIGINATE outcomes, or generate products from the information management process. For students it is the process leading to a product turned in for a grade. But as an adult the process of information literacy translates into critical thinking to evaluate medical care, find a lawyer, buy a house, find and test new discoveries...Life decisions and inquiry.
USE information in an effective, safe way for academic and lifelong learning.

How do students learn Information Literacy?

Well stocked and staffed school libraries are perfectly positioned as research hubs for school communities. Information literacy is taught by credentialed Teacher Librarians while students engage in research for class assignments. This is known as integrating research and information literacy into the school curriculum.

Rather than the outdated image as repositories of books, school libraries are now gateways to the many formats in which information is found and Teacher Librarians are trained to teach information A E I O U skills to students while they tackle class research assignments. Teacher Librarians still foster a love of reading and offer guidance in reading for pleasure, but TLs also teach the skill set needed for students to effectively find, evaluate, select and use information in print and digital (blended learning) formats using the visiting teacher's curriculum as a platform. Information Literacy skills are not taught in isolation, but in collaboration with classroom teachers.

When students are trained collaboratively in a blended learning environment they leave high school with strong Information Literacy skills. They are prepared for the rigorous research demands of a university education and they posess the lifelong learning skills that hallmark successful individuals.
Please review research on CDE's webpage showing huge positive impacts on scores attributable to school libraries with credentialed Teacher Librarians. Many of the documents found there are posted as PDF below.
Also see information about California's adoption of Model School Library Standards.
A table form and full text of adopted CA School Library Standards are posted below.