12th Grade College Planning

Senior Information
APPLYING TO COLLEGES                                                                                                                 
Please view and download the resources below to help support you in your applications. View the links below for additional information. 
Begin with your college list. Know WHERE you're applying, then organize HOW to apply. 
You'll apply online through various application portals depending on your college list. Dates and deadlines will vary as well. Find a system that works for you to stay organized and on top of deadlines. Download, save, and use excel spreadsheets below to organize your college list research and application deadlines. A notebook and pen/pencil can work too! The method doesn't matter, whatever works best for you! When in doubt, ask your counselor, the college center, or admissions directly from the university. We're here to help! 
Application Websites 
Open August 1st, submit between Oct. 1 - November 30 
One application to all UC campuses
Open October 1st, submit by November 30*
One application portal to all CSU campuses
*Some campuses may have extended deadlines, check the website directly
More than 1,000 colleges + universities utilize the Common Application. Your online application portal to apply to multiple out of state and private universities. Note: You MUST match your Common Application with your Naviance account Deadlines vary. 
More than 150 member colleges + universities utilize the Coalition Application. Deadlines vary. 
Online application system for Texas colleges + universities. Deadlines vary. 
Colleges' own application site 
Some colleges give you the option to apply directly through their website. Create an account and follow deadlines, material submissions directly on the college's website. Note, if a college gives you multiple options (apply on the website, or Common Application, for example, choose the option that best fits you). 
International University Admissions
Application portal for universities throughout the United Kingdom. Interested in international universities? Start with NACAC's Guide to International University Admission.
Connect with admission counselors in the fall
Every year, LACES hosts admission counselors representing a wide variety of universities. All students have access to listen to admission presentations, get to know their regional representative, and gain a better understanding of their college options. Students may view the visit schedule and register to attend visits in Naviance.


Check colleges for supplemental essays. *Allow yourself time to brainstorm and revise your essays before submitting.
Keep in mind, your college list and application deadlines will vary. You might be applying early, or regular depending on the college's application deadlines AND when you can present the strongest application for review. 
Review academic profiles of past admitted applicants on Naviance Scattergrams as well as the college's website, meet with your counselor and the college center to review your college list for success in admission. 


A letter of recommendation for college is a qualitative piece of information that helps an admission office understand how you work in the classroom, your academic engagement, your character, how you have overcome challenges, who you are as a person and many more factors that help make an admission decision.
Each college will have varying requirements and how many letters they require. Utilize the Class of 2024 Guide to Requesting Letters of Recommendation for dates, deadlines, and getting the right letters of recommendation for your applications.
Colleges review your transcript within the context of LACES curriculum. Please review our school profile and utilize spaces on the college application to showcase your academic strengths, or provide context if needed to your academic history.
*LACES school profile is updated for the current senior class every fall by mid-September.  
See LACES Senior Checklist Document below for specific requirements for each type of college applications.       
Deadline to submit teacher/counselor letter of recommendation sheets to College Center  for all Early Action/Decision - Sept 29th, 2023 
Deadline to submit teacher/counselor letter of recommendations sheets for Regular Decision - Nov. 3rd, 2023.


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